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Safe, Reliable Income From The Stock Market

We teach individual investors a complete trading system for generating income from the stock — perfect for 6-figure retirement or brokerage accounts.
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Low Risk
Built-in loss protection
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Complete System
Contingencies for any market condition
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Easy to Execute
Low time commitment
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Hands on Training
Learn to trade like a hedge fund

What Is The
Wealth Investors Club?

We teach our investors to make safe, reliable income in the stock market. Our founder, Mark Yegge, is a hedge fund manager who has developed this strategy through 40+ years of trading and a career on Wall Street. Mark works directly with our members to start replacing their active income with passive income using his Cash Flow Machine system. You'll be part of his mastermind group of investors, whom you'll get to meet as well as see the trades Mark is making in his own hedge fund.
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A message from our Founder

“I’ve bottled up over 40 years of in-the-trenches experience; everything I know about creating wealth. To acquire the knowledge to develop this Program has easily cost me over $2 million! I’ve tested this strategy in 6- and 7-figure accounts. Not only do I know it works but it’s been proven to help other people just like you get AMAZING results. This Program is NOT a course — it’s literally the next closest thing to coming and sitting next to me in my office everyday and copying everything I’m doing into your investments. This one-of-a-kind, invitation-only program is designed to give you everything you need to start creating passive income today. We achieve more in 8 weeks than most investors would in 15 years! “
— Mark Yegge
Professional Fund Manager

How The Mastermind Can Help You

Our Wealth Investors Club mastermind is the simplest and easiest way of me giving you the tools, training and mentorship to have CONFIDENCE in your ability to invest. Our program provides the path to profitable earnings year-over-year.


World class training and resources precisely engineered to give you a clear path to implementing the right things in the right order. Support from me & my team will shortcut the time it takes to reach your financial goals.


Add a highly profitable income stream to your existing investment strategy


Get my “Ultimate Trick” for taking pain & uncertainty
out of calculating return


Use my 12 indicators to
pre-determine market
and stock direction


Learn how to identify the best stock, option, timing
for profit & protection


Create unstoppable confidence from group post-trade analysis


How to manage your emotions – the enemy
of every trader


How to determine your strike price for maximum cash & minimum risk


Guard against your downside by proactively adjusting your position

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Image by Campaign Creators

The Mastermind

Mentorship Process


Who Is It Right For

Anyone getting an annual return less than 20%

Anyone stressed about their investments

Anyone with money to invest but not sure how

Anyone afraid to invest in the stock market

Anyone who doesn't want to lose money on their investments

Anyone worried about downsizing in retirement

Anyone frustrated with bad trading advice

3 Steps To Join

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What Does The Mastermind Include


Mark personal assistance:

  • Setting up your account

  • Your first trades

  • Understanding what’s happening as you execute the system

  • 15 learning modules

  • 70+ video tutorials

  • Hands-on training on how to correctly use your trading platform for options

  • Trade notifications from Mark’s hedge fund

  • Market and stock updates

  • When to protect your position

  • Weekly group calls

  • Shared trade ideas

  • Precautions to trade smarter

  • Group chat messenger



Mark: "So you've been doing this for 3 weeks. Just checking. How's it going?"

Chrissy: "Well, I've already paid for the whole year of the Mastermind program... I just knew that you were the ticket."


~ Chrissy C.

What's Covered In The


Watch This FREE Introductory Training

100% No Cost Introductory Training


How I generate income from my investments — like rent, but without the tenants


My system for knowing when to put money in and when to take it out


How I let other people assume the risk, so that I keep my investments safe


How I get consistent returns with one reliable strategy, so I don’t have to keep trying new ones

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